How long after payment until my site is ready? New sites are normally up and running within 3 days.

  Do I need any special skills to run my site? No, the admin panel is very simple to use. Check out our demo.

  Do you offer custom websites? Yes, for an additional (by the hour) charge.

  How do I promote my site? We give you a promotion package packed with tips in order to assist you in getting the most exposure possible.

  Some sites let you create your own selling plans but you limit it to 13 preset plans? Its not really limited to 13. You have all access plans from 1 day up to a year and every individual sport by itself. The sport packages default to the whole season but you can offer them for any amount of time by setting the expiration date on the clients account. By having preset plans you don't need to calculate anything, the program does it for you and automatically sets the correct expiration dates.

  Where is the best place to get current odds? For the major sports you don't need them, we already have them there for you to use. No need to spend time typing in teams, times, odds, units, etc... just click here and there and your done.

  Can I add write-ups to my picks? Yes, you can do so on any picks for any sport.

  Is it hard to enter all the game results each night? Not at all. No need to enter scores for the major sports all you do is press 1 button and the program grades them and updates your records automatically for you.

  I see you use text editors for updating web pages but why not for game write-ups? For web pages you need to catch the visitors eye with fancy text and layouts. But write-ups are for member only pages and they are already clients looking for sports picks and info. They want something simple and easy to read so they can get done and off to their sportsbook. Having plain text makes the page easier to read and more professional looking to the paid client.

  Do I keep my domain even if I cancel? If for some reason you should want to shut down your site we do offer you the opportunity to purchase your name.