Purchase Process: For first time visitors it's a very simple process, they click on one of your packages which sends them to a registration form. After they fill out that registration form their order is displayed for review with a payment link that finalizes the purchase. If you use PayPal to process your credit cards, then that member is instantly activated on your site once payment is complete. For any other merchant services the customer must return to your site (we provide you with the proper URL) for activation to occur. For people that are already registered, they simply login to make their purchase. Some sites we build have registration pages as well, which is nice to have but as you can see above its not absolutely necessary. After any purchase, that person is sent a confirmation email with their user information as well an email with the picks they have paid for, provided you already have them posted at the time of the purchase. If a visitor who already registered at some point in time attempts to create a new account using an email already on file they are given a link to click on which emails their user information to them. This eliminates the hassle of duplicates in your registry list.